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 Are you ready for a change? Ready to take your healing to the next level? Let me show you how I can help.

I’m Lauren, Your Mind Body Spirit Method Practitioner

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Here's what Mind Body Spirit method can do

Using the simple power of muscle testing, I help you identify the blocks and imbalances holding you back from healing.

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How would it feel to be free from the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down? Imagine the lightness of knowing that that old, stuck stuff has been released forever.   

I want this for you, friend. Let’s do this!

Release Into Freedom

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Imbalances and blocks can come in all shapes and sizes.  Unconscious beliefs, family systems, toxins, pathogens...  It's important to find the root cause so you can heal.

Uncover the Cause

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Life experiences, traumas and unconscious beliefs can create blocks to moving forward in life.  Find out what's keeping you stuck so you can finally be free.

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- Audrey N.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the work you are doing. I have been experiencing emotional and physical healing that I didn’t know was possible. My energy is increasing and I have more of a sense of well being.  Thank you so much for all you are doing for me and for my family. I look forward to more!!"

About lauren

I'm so glad you're here, friend.  Just like you, I am on a journey to better health and a desire for a life that is not just ordinary but EXTRAORDINARY!   Want to know more about how I got here and how Mind Body Spirit Method has been the key to an even better life?

I help women release
hidden blocks or imbalances that are keeping them stuck, so they can live a healthy
life full of abundance,
grace and ease.

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Helping you to live a life full of                    

The mission of Mind body spirit Method

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- Ren r.

"Lauren worked on the physical challenge of a sore elbow that had been bothering me for months and I had no recollection of an injury to even cause it. After 3 sessions I feel so much lighter and in tune with myself and my body. It was a subtle though distinct change after my second session, and I could feel an energy shift. Several days went by before I even remembered that I had my elbow bothering me ! It’s gone from a pain level 6 to a 1."

- Carly T.

"After Lauren worked with my young daughter on strengthening the bonds between all our family members, and my husband and I releasing so many trapped emotions, not only in ourselves but in our family line, my daughter stopped biting her nails!! I was so surprised to see how letting go of old emotions in ourselves, and strengthening her heart bonds with us (her parents) has affected her in such an obvious and positive way!”

- T. N.

"The craziest thing happened! Remember when you were testing for me and came across a trapped emotion in my tooth that was causing different issues and named the exact tooth? Three days after you found that, my dentist office called and said that the dentist was reviewing my most recent X-rays and found some decay in one of my molars….and then she named the exact same tooth that you did! I’m still in shock…."


"I just wanted to text you to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I’ve had major stomach issues for at least 10 years. After five or six sessions with you I can honestly say you’ve had a profound effect on my digestive system. You have reset my clock to a time when my mornings were not dominated by trips to the bathroom. Thank you so much!!"

- elizabeth C.

"THIS IS CRAZY!! I couldn’t even walk or bend over yesterday. I couldn’t even pee! And I am now able to walk and move at almost 60% capacity. Thank you sooo much for helping me. The homeopathy, emotional releases, and bioresonace scanner work you did totally helped me with the shooting pain!"

- Jennifer B. 

"Lauren was able to uncover and release an inherited conflict emotion from my dad, and I could actually feel that trapped emotion bubble up and release from my body as she was working with me. It was so cool! And the best part is that I got relief from daily chronic headaches that I’ve had for 20 years. Amazing!! Lauren truly has a gift for this work. I felt so comfortable and safe right away, and it was mind blowing the things she was able to uncover and release. This is some powerful stuff and I highly recommend working with Lauren"


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